Tiranë 28.12.2017


The Montenegrin artist Jelena TOMAŠEVIC is the winner of the 23rd edition of the International Prize Onufri 2017 - AU FIL DU TEMPS - Collective Memory, Personal Memories.

The jury, composed of three artists, Lumturi Blloshmi, Greta Lami and Ledia Kostandini, announced her mixed media installation “Mixed Memory”, 2017, as an outstanding work of this exhibition based on the following consideration:

"In her extensive tableaux of recorded episodes, Jelena Tomasevic succeeds in conveying through narrative and metaphor a wide collage of human experiences. She collects the impulses the memory offers. Jelena Tomasevic filters the collective experience through a highly symbolic figurative language, offering her personal outlook on various social phenomena."

In this 23rd edition of the International Exhibition Onufri Prize, took part 10 artists from various countries of the world: Zeni Ballazhi, Adi Haxhiaj, Koja, Perino & Vele, Leonard Qylafi, Calixto Ramírez, Jelena Tomasevic, Vangjush Vellahu, Alketa Xhafa Mripa, Fani Zguro.

This edition was curated by the Italian curater Gaetano Centrone.

The 23rd edition of the International Exhibition Onufri Prize will stay open for the public until 30 January 2018.